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  • Introduction to Authority
  • Sources of Authority
  • Delegation of Authority
  • The Standard of Authority
  • Determining God's Will


We strive to let the Bible do all the teaching, and have an archive of Bible-centered articles, sermons and audio-sermons to encourage and teach.

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​​Proclaiming the praises of Him who called us out of darkness and into His marvelous light...


Our worship is simple and based entirely on what is taught in the New Testament; always Christ-centred and designed to teach and uplift.


In addition to our congregational studies we have classes for children, a weekly community women's bible study and private home studies upon request.

246 Station Street, Smithville, Ontario

  • Sunday all ages Bible Classes  -10am
  • Sunday Worship Service          - 11am
  • Wednesday Bible Study           -  7pm
  • Thursday Ladies Class             - 10am